based in Stuttgart ❤

All my tattoos are  done with vegan ink. I tattoo as plasticfree and enviromentalfriendly as possible and am always trying to improve in these matters <3


gerneral information

• I mostly tattoo my flashs (the designs you can find in my highlights on instagram). Someone requesting a flash will always be prioritized


• I tattoo every design only once but if you have a flash you like that is already taken I will be happy to design something similar for you.


•Please use the contact form to inquire about a tattoo


• I don't tattoo on weekends or late at night please keep that in mind ;)


• I work in a private studio in Stuttgart and have the official hygene certificate of U.E.T.A.


• I speak english and german. My Instaram and website are in english. For me it's easier to use just one language everybody understands, but feel free to write in german if you contact me ;)


• I can only say something about the price of a tattoo if I got all the information like size, placement and design. So if you want to know how much a tattoo would be make sure to give all the information necessary.


• In generall my prices are mostly between 150€ and 900€ (veeery roughly speaking)


• I take deposits of 50€-200€ per appointment to guard against no shows and cancellations on short notice, which should be payed via Paypal if possible as soon as we set a date. Please make sure to pay as soon as possible after you received the paypal invoice. Deposits are non refundable.


• For the girls out there ❤ :

I don't recommend getting a tattoo on your lower belly. There is a high chance the tattoo will be destroyed if you ever give birth to a child.

And in my experience women have a higher chance of getting blowouts on their ripcages. A lot of women I know with tattoos on the ripcage have blowouts even if they went to very experienced tattooers. Your skin on that spot is so fairylike that this can happen out of bad connective tissue matters. It's a risk you should think about.


If you are interested in a tattoo with white ink, please also read the information below:


- White will never be bright white after healing. It turns into a creamcolor, sometimes it even heales to a yellowish tone, depending on your skin. The white mixes with your skin tone that is above it. The darker your skin the more "yellowish" it gets.

- It doese not stay as opaque as long as a black tattoo and will need to get touched up earlier than other tattoos, depending on how exposed the placement is to the sun and your skin (but you still got some years ;)). All Tattoos fade a little over the years and because white ink is already quite decent in your skin it might be earlier that it gets "too decent". If you don't touch it up it might be gone when you are old ;)

- It's especially important to use sunprotection on your white tattoo. Although you should actually use it with every tattoo ;)

- White Tattoos takes more time to heal into their final state. It might appear more yellowish or stay red on the edges until its fully healed.

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